Dermapen Interview with Amy
October 07, 2023

Dermapen Interview with Amy

I sat down with our lovely Amy and asked her some questions about Dermapen. I am a complete Dermapen novice, I barely even knew that Micro-Needling was a thing before working here! Amy was full of knowledge and is passionate about Dermapen. Amy has been providing Dermapen treatments for four years now.

Below I’ve transcribed our interview, so dive in, and learn about Dermapen with me!

  • So, what even is Dermapen?

 Dermapen is a form of Micro-Needling, a skincare treatment that involves creating micro-wounds in the skin with tiny needles, to create healthy skin repair, and promote collagen & elastin production.


  • Micro-Needling? Sounds intense!

It’s not as scary as it sounds. The Dermapen cartridges contain 16 tiny sterile needles that can be adjusted in depth to give the therapist loads of control over the treatment. I prefer the Dermapen over other methods of Micro-Needling, as I find that it gives you the most control and does the least amount of damage whilst still getting amazing results. Other methods, such as derma rollers, can pull the skin as they needle, and you have much less control over the depth of those needles.  


  • Is it painful? Micro-wounds sound like they sting…

To me, it feels like a graze, almost like sunburn. But it only stings during the treatment, afterwards your face may feel like you’ve done a gym workout but give it 30 minutes and it feels fine. I’ve even done it on myself before, so it’s not that bad. Of course, it all depends on your personal pain tolerance, but it’s way easier than getting a tattoo!


  • Okay, well what skin types can handle Dermapen?

All of them! I would recommend everyone try it if you’re unhappy with your skin. I would of course recommend they have a consultation first, as there are some medications that do not tolerate Micro-Needling well, but as far as natural skin type – go for gold! I have personally seen Dermapen work absolute wonders on acne prone skin, pigmentation, on scars, and even on stretch marks. Dermapen is not something that is limited only to the face!


  • Where can you use the Dermapen?

Dermapen can be applied to the face, neck, top of your hands, over stretch marks, lots of places! It’s such a versatile tool.


  • Sounds great so far, but how many treatments do clients need before seeing results?

It really depends on the client and their skin, I’ve seen great results from just one session, but it can take up to three treatments before you see big results.


  • Three sessions isn’t too many, are there any immediate changes people should look out for?

The texture of their skin will be improved, it will be more hydrated and look & feel plumper. Their complexion will begin to even out. Multiple treatments will up the effectiveness, but Dermapen really makes an immediate difference.


  • Wow! What about aftercare? Will clients need to avoid certain products?

Straight after your treatment you might be a little red in the areas that have been Micro-Needled, but nothing too extreme. Clients need to avoid exercise or anything that stimulates the skin for 24-48 hours. If you’ve ensured you made time for a good consultation with your therapist before booking your Dermapen treatment, any issues that may pop up with your skin type will have been discussed and pre-empted.


  • Is there anything you would recommend that clients use alongside Dermapen for best results?

I would always recommend Cover Recover for all Dermapen clients.


  • Cover Recover? What’s that?

Cover Recover is a Dermaceuticals product that is specifically designed for use after a Dermapen treatment. It is a bb cream with an SPF that soothes and cools skin after treatment whilst promoting healing. It can be a great confidence booster if your skin is prone to staying red after a treatment. It comes in a wide range of shades, and even comes in clear if you’re just wanting the healing and protective benefits.


  • That sounds great, just one more question for you Amy, what’s the best thing about Dermapen?

The real, lasting results. Dermapen is so great for clients who have tried just about everything else and have almost given up on getting their desired skin. Dermapen really works and works well. The best thing about Dermapen is seeing my clients happy and gaining back their confidence after these treatments.


  • That sounds great! Thank you for your time Amy, I feel much more knowledgeable about Dermapen now.


Well Beauties there you have it! A deep dive into Dermapen and why we love it here at Vital Balance. I hope this has answered any questions you may have, and we hope to see more of you booking in with the wonderful Amy to start your Dermapen journey!

Much love as always,