Massage therapist and qualified reiki at Vital Balance
August 29, 2023

What is Reiki?

Gemma is our fabulous massage therapist who is qualified in Level 1 & 2 Reiki. 
But what is Reiki?  We have a closer look to see if this is something that might be beneficial to you. 


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy Healing where the Reiki Practitioner connects to the universal life force energy and becomes a channel for the energy to flow through. Reiki can be used alongside massage and other treatments you may have.  

If everything is feeling a bit out of whack, or a bit off balance in life there may be some energy blockages that need to be cleared so the energy can flow evenly. Chakras may be off balance.  This could mean that one could be stressed/overworking or working too slowly - making it more difficult for the energy to flow from one chakra to the other.

Reiki can help promote emotional healing and spiritual growth and many find that after a reiki session a lot of their unknowingly buried emotions come to the surface. This allows them to allow space and give attention to these emotions and work through them so they can begin to heal and release them.

By removing energy blocks and rebalancing chakras Reiki can help to reduce stress and anxiety supporting relaxation. When your energy can flow naturally it supports your body’s own self-healing abilities.

A Reiki treatment works with the whole person, meaning body, emotions, mind, and spirit in turn balancing the Mind, Body, and Soul as a whole.

Some things that you might feel during a reiki session are;

  • Body twitches, heat/cooling sensations, a sense of deep relaxation, crying, or subtle waves of the energy moving through your body. Some people may also see colours and/or visions throughout their session.

After a Reiki Session many people can feel like they’re on a roller coaster of emotions, going to crying one minute, to being angry or exceptionally happy but have no idea why they’re feeling said emotions. This is the result of the chakra’s energy being open and flowing back into balance, so the body releases all the built-up energy it was holding onto.

The benefits of a Reiki treatment can last days or weeks! For some, a Reiki treatment is something they like to do as they feel they need it, however the more consistent you are with your treatments the longer you will reap the rewards. You can have Reiki as often as you like, but SIX – EIGHT weekly is a good starting point and we can adjust spacing between sessions if you feel you need them closer together or vice versa depending on how you feel.