Vital Balance & The Cambodia Charitable Trust
April 06, 2024

Vital Balance & The Cambodia Charitable Trust

If you’re a Vital regular, then you know that we always have a pot of beautiful Bestow tea out in reception for you to help yourself to. We also provide it after a Massage or a Bliss Facial. We have either the warming hibiscus & cinnamon Eternitea, or the lemongrass peppermint & hibiscus Generositea. What you may not know, is what these teas actually mean to us.

Not only are the delicious, but 100% of the profits from the sale of Generositea go straight to the Cambodia Charitable Trust. The Cambodia Charitable Trust is an amazing organisation dedicated to providing free quality education for young Cambodian children – especially girls.

The Cambodian education system was systematically destroyed in the 70s during the Pol Pot regime, with most of the teachers being executed. When schooling resumed in the 80s, there was a severe deficit of quality teachers, and widespread poverty. Education is one of the strongest levers for social change. The Cambodia Charitable Trust (CCT) is helping to break the cycle for the children of Cambodia. A quality education is lifting young girls out of sex slavery, and young boys out of slave labour.

The CCT is producing approximately 1600 new graduate teachers per year and is holding professional development workshops in 17 different provincial teacher training centres. CCT is also currently directly financially supporting 16 schools.  

So how is the CCT directly supporting these schools?

  1. A school in need is identified. These schools have no working bathrooms, the buildings are run down and dirty, the teachers have very few resources to teach from, and the students have no stationary.
  2. The CCT then works closely with their network of locals who work directly with the schools and the community to identify what it is that is needed.
  3. School improvements begin: the classrooms are repainted and repurposed as needed, including a fully stocked library, a preschool classroom, a playground built from local materials, a vegetable garden & fishpond, and a remedial classroom.
  4. School supplies are provided for the poorest children, including uniform & stationary.
  5. The poorest children are sponsored by the CCT. This incentivises the parents to send them to school, as they are not needed to bring in income in another way now. This also deters the prospect of human trafficking, as parents will not be taken in by the promise of a ‘better life’ for their children.
  6. New graduate teachers are supported. New graduates are provided with a ‘teaching pack’ containing: paper, pens, scissors, glue, games, maps, a ruler, a compass, a protractor and more. These materials give new teachers a much needed head start.
  7. An English language teacher is employed. Being able to speak English as well as Cambodian opens many more doors for Cambodian children, connecting them to the wider world.

Here at Vital Balance, we fervently believe and support the work that the CCT is doing. That is why we offer Generositea to all our clients, in the hopes that you will purchase a tin and support the CCT too. 100% of the profits that Bestow makes from Generositea go directly to the CCT, helping to further their mission. It doesn’t hurt that the tea is also delicious!